An International Journal for Epistemology, Methodology and Philosophy of Science

ISSN: 0039-7857 (Print) 1573-0964 (Online)

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Computational Modeling in Philosophy

Simon Scheller, Christoph Merdes, Stephan Hartmann

9 Articles

Conditionals: Truth Conditions, Probability, and Causality

JiJi Zhang, Alan Hajek, and Chin-Mu Yang

3 Articles

Epistemic Significance of Non-Epistemic Factors

Nikola Kompa, Igal Kvart, and Andrea Robitzsch

8 Articles

Epistemological Issues in Neurodivergence and Atypical Cognition

Alejandro Va?zquez-del-Mercado Herna?ndez and Claudia Lorena Garci?a-Aguilar

2 Articles

Folk Psychology: Pluralistic Approaches

Evan Westra, Kristin Andrews and Shannon Spaulding

12 Articles


Tamás Demeter, László Kocsis, Iulian D. Toader

11 Articles

Instrumentalism about epistemic rationality: For and against

Thomas Sturm, Carl Hoefer and Sven Rosenkranz

7 Articles

Knowing the Unknown: Philosophical Perspectives on Ignorance

Lorenzo Magnani and Selene Arfini

22 Articles

Minds in Skilled Performance

Katsunori Miyahara, Ian Robertson and Michael Kirchhoff

2 Articles

Multiscale Modeling and Active Materials

Patrick McGivern and Nick Brancazio

2 Articles

Neuroscience and Its Philosophy

Gualtiero Piccinini

9 Articles

Non-Standard Approaches to Emergence

Olivier Sartenaer and Umut Baysan

5 Articles

Norms for Risk

Renee Bolinger, Alan Hájek, Seth Lazar

6 Articles

Objectivity in Social Research

Julie Zahle and Petri Ylikoski

7 Articles

Reasonable Doubt: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives

Marion Vorms and Ulrike Hahn

5 Articles

Structure of Perceptual Objects

Alfredo Vernazzani, Blazej Skrzypulec, and Tobias Schlicht

5 Articles

Symmetries and Asymmetries in Physics

Radin Dardashti, Mathias Frisch, Joshua Luczak, Giovanni Valente

8 Articles

The Biology of Behaviour: Explanatory Pluralism across the Life Sciences

Christophe Malaterre and Eric Muszynski

7 Articles

The Cultural Evolution of Human Social Cognition

Richard Moore, Rachael Brown and Cecilia Heyes

10 Articles

The Value of Truth

Luca Moretti, Peter Hartl, Akos Gyarmathy

11 Articles

True Enough? Themes from Elgin

Federica Isabella Malfatti, Christoph Jäger

16 Articles

Virtue Theory of Mathematical Practices

Andrew Aberdein, Colin Jakob Rittberg, & Fenner Stanley Tanswell

5 Articles

What to Make of Highly Unrealistic Models

N. Emrah Aydinonat, Usual Mäki and Till Grüne-Yanoff

4 Articles