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  • September 2017, Issue 1-3

    Special Issue: Photosynthesis Research and Hydrogen Energy for Sustainability, in Honor of Nathan Nelson and T. Nejat Veziroglu

  • September 2015, Issue 3

    Special Issue: Generation of High-value Products by Photosynthetic Microorganisms: From Sunlight to Biofuels

  • August 2015, Issue 1-2

    Special Issue in Honor of Vladimir A. Shuvalov: Light Energy Conversion in Photosynthesis

  • September 2012, Issue 1-3

    Special Issue: Assimilating Photosynthesis — Quintessence of Life’s Variations and Vital Inefficiencies

  • June 2010, Issue 2-3

    Special Issue: Phototrophs that Contain Homodimeric Type I Reaction Centers / Guest Editor: J.H. Golbeck

  • April 2010, Issue 1

    Special Issue: Stress in Trees, the Poplar Model / Guest Edited by J.-P. Jacquot and N. Rouhier

  • October 2008, Issue 1-3

    Recent Perspectives of Photosystem II: Structure, Function and Dynamics - In honor of Kimiyuki Satoh and Thomas Wydrzynski

  • July 2007, Issue 1-3

    Govindjee Special Issue: Part A, Celebrating Govindjee's 50 Years in Photosynthesis Research and his 75th Birthday