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Formulation and Delivery of Biologics Drugs

Guest Editors: Ahmed Besheer and Hanns-Christian Mahler

2 Articles

Lipid Based Drug Delivery

Guest Editor: Sheng Qi

2 Articles

Living Cell Medicines: Perspectives and Challenges

Guest Editors: Karin Hoogendoorn and Christopher Bravery

5 Articles

Medicines in Space

Guest Editors: Sara Eyal and Hartmut Derendorf

5 Articles

Nanomedicine for Infectious Diseases

Guest Editor: Admire Dube

9 Articles

Nanomedicines in Cancer

Guest Editor: Joshua Reineke

9 Articles

Ophthalmic Drug Discovery and Development

Guest Editors: Hovhannes J Gukasyan, Shumet Hailu, and Thomas Karami

16 Articles