Journal of Management and Governance

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  • June 2019, Issue 2

    Special Issue: The Role of Intellectual Capital and Integrated Reporting in Management and Governance: A Performative Perspective

  • March 2019, Issue 1

    Special Issue: Emerging Issues in Management and Governance in the Paradoxical Age of Globalization

  • November 2014, Issue 4

    Special Issue: Corporate Governance and Strategic Management in Different Contexts: Fostering Interchange of a Crucial Relationship

  • August 2014, Issue 3

    Special Issue: Governance and accounting regulation - Changes in standards setting and in the governance of standard setting: are they adequate responses to recurring financial crises and accounting scandals?

  • May 2014, Issue 2
  • February 2014, Issue 1

    Special Issue on Governance of Networks: Challenges and Future Issues from a Public Management Perspective