Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing

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  • December 2012, Issue 6

    Special Issues: "Computational Science and It's Applications", "Advanced Decision and Intelligence Technologies for Manufacturing and Logistics", "Digital Enterprise Technology", "Supply Networks Design and Management" and "Intelligent Distributed Production Control".

  • October 2012, Issue 5
  • August 2012, Issue 4

    Special Issues: "Intelligent Ubiquitous IT Policy and Its Industrial Services", "Recent Applications of Intelligent Manufacturing System", "Advanced Metaheuristics for Integrated Supply Chain Management", "Advanced Intelligent and Security Services in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing" and "Service Computing and Service Oriented Enterprise Systems in Design, Manufacturing and Supply Chain".

  • June 2012, Issue 3
  • April 2012, Issue 2

    Special Issues: "Machinery Health Monitoring, Diagnosis and Prognosis" and "Condition-Based Maintenance: Theory and Applications"

  • February 2012, Issue 1

    Special Issue: Pull Strategies in Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chains: Recent Advances

  • December 2010, Issue 6
  • October 2010, Issue 5

    Special Issue on Intelligent Manufacturing System and Security and Assurance; Guest Editors: Jong Hyuk Park, Deqing Zou, Tai-hoon Kim, Javier Lopez and Hangbae Chang

  • August 2010, Issue 4
  • June 2010, Issue 3

    Special Issue on Trust, Value Systems and Governance in Collaborative Networks; Guest Editors: Luis M. Camarinha-Matos and Arturo Molina

  • April 2010, Issue 2

    Special Issue on Intelligent and Cooperative Maintenance in Manufacturing Systems (ICMMS); Guest Editors: Nidhal Rezg and Kondo H. Adjallah

  • February 2010, Issue 1

    Special Issue on Planning, Scheduling and Constraint Satisfaction; Guest Editor: Miguel A. Salido