Information Technology and Management

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  • December 2009, Issue 4

    Special Issue: WAID-07 (Vol. II). Guest Editors: Wei Jiang and Anurag Agarwal and Regular papers

  • September 2009, Issue 2-3

    Special Issue of Papers from Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (WITS'07). Guest Editors: Kaushal Chari and Akhil Kumar

  • March 2009, Issue 1

    Special Issue: ICISTM-07, Guest Editors: Kamna Malik and Anurag Agarwal; Special Issue: WAID-07 (Vol.-I), Guest Editors: Wei Jiang and Anurag Agarwal

  • December 2008, Issue 4
  • September 2008, Issue 3

    Research Perspectives on Innovation Through Information Technology Management in a Networked World, Guest Editors: Indranil R. Bardhan, Alok Gupta and Paul Tallon

  • June 2008, Issue 2

    Special Issue: WITS '05, Guest Editors: Taedong Han, Carson Woo and J. Leon Zhao

  • March 2008, Issue 1

    Special Issue on Architecture & Design for Application Agility, Guest Editors: Hemant Jain and Padmal Vitharana