Heart Failure Reviews

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  • December 2009, Issue 4

    Special Issue on Inotropic Agents and Vasodilators in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure. From Treatment of Hemodynamic Derangement to Clinical Outcomes; Guest Editors: Marco Metra and Dirk L. Brutsaert

  • September 2009, Issue 3

    Special Issue on Sleep Disorders and Heart Failure; Guest Editors: William T. Abraham and Rami N. Khayat

  • June 2009, Issue 2

    Special Issue on Vasopressin Therapy; Guest Editors: David J. Whellan and Kanu Chatterjee

  • March 2009, Issue 1
  • December 2008, Issue 4

    Special Issue on Anemia and Heart Failure: Therapeutic Role of Erythropoietin, Guest Editor: Inder Anand

  • September 2008, Issue 3

    Special Issue on Aminopeptidases and Hypertension: Mechanisms of Action and Therapeutic Strategies, Guest Editor: John W. Wright

  • June 2008, Issue 2

    Special Issue on Apoptosis in Heart Failure: Significance and Therapy; Guest Editors: Jagat Narula and Richard Kitsis

  • February 2008, Issue 1

    Special Issue on Exercise Training in Patients with Heart Failure , Guest Editors: Steven J. Keteyian and William E. Kraus