Educational Psychology Review

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  • December 2014, Issue 4

    Special Issue: Seeking Common Ground: A Multidisciplinary Examination of Critical-Analytic Thinking in Learning and Development

  • September 2014, Issue 3

    Special Issue: Reading for Understanding

  • June 2014, Issue 2

    Special Issue: Cognitive Load Theory: A Broader View on the Role of Memory in Learning and Education

  • March 2014, Issue 1

    Special Issue: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Evidence Relevant to Classroom Instruction with Manipulatives

  • December 2010, Issue 4

    Cognitive Load Theory: Advances in Research on Worked Examples, Animations, and Cognitive Load Measurement

  • September 2010, Issue 3
  • June 2010, Issue 2

    Special Issue Title: Cognitive Load Theory: New Conceptualizations, Specifications, and Integrated Research Perspectives; Guest Editors: Fred Paas, Tamara van Gog and John Sweller

  • March 2010, Issue 1

    Special Issue Title: Computer-supported instructional communication. A multidisciplinary account of relevant factors; Guest Editors: Nikol Rummel and Nicole Krämer