Designs, Codes and Cryptography

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ISSN: 0925-1022 (Print) 1573-7586 (Online)

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  • August 2010, Issue 2-3

    Special Issue: Galois Geometries and Applications. Guest editors: Jan De Beule ; Yves Edel ; Emilia Käsper; Andreas Klein; Svetla Nikova; Bart Preneel; Jeroen Schillewaert; Leo Storme

  • July 2010, Issue 1
  • December 2008, Issue 1-3

    Special issue: Coding and Cryptography. In Memory of Hans Dobbertin, Guest Editors: Pascale Charpin and Tor Helleseth

  • June 2008, Issue 1-3

    Special issue on Finite Geometries: Second Irsee Conference, 10-16 September 2006, Guest Editors: A. Blokhuis, J.W.P. Hirschfeld, D. Jungnickel and J.A. Thas

  • September 2007, Issue 1-3

    Special Issue Dedicated to Dan Hughes for his 80th Birthday, Guest Editors: Dina Ghinelli, James Hirschfeld and Dieter Jungnickel