Regional Environmental Change

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  • December 2018, Issue 8

    1.5°C and Small Island Developing States

  • October 2018, Issue 7

    The Legacy of Large Dams and their Effects on the Water-land Nexus

  • August 2018, Issue 6

    Governing Water in Federal River Basins

  • June 2018, Issue 5

    Entrepreneurship in climate governance at the local and regional levels: concepts, methods, patterns, and effects

  • April 2018, Issue 4

    Energy transitions in agroecosystems: Long-term changes in agroecosystem energy efficiencies on both sides of the Atlantic

  • March 2018, Issue 3

    Mediterranean land surfaces under global change / Towards a roadmap for sustainable land use in Europe

  • February 2018, Issue 2

    Social justice in the context of adaptation to climate change – reflecting on different policy approaches to distribute and allocate flood risk management

  • January 2018, Issue 1

    Impacts of carbon-optimised land-use management in Southern Amazonia – multi-disciplinary perspectives

  • December 2017, Issue 8

    Current practices and challenges for modelling past and future land use and land cover changes in mountainous regions

  • October 2017, Issue 7

    Integrated Water Resources Management for Climate Change Adaptation / Environmental Change in the Selenga-Baikal Basin / Indicators of Climate Change Adaptation – from Molecular to Ecosystem Level

  • August 2017, Issue 6

    Turn Down the Heat: Regional climate change impacts on development

  • June 2017, Issue 5

    Special Issue on Biodiversity and food security: from trade-offs to synergies

  • April 2017, Issue 4

    Special issue: Human dimensions of environmental change in Small Island Developing States

  • March 2017, Issue 3
  • February 2017, Issue 2
  • January 2017, Issue 1

    Special Issue on Impacts of Business-As-Usual Management on Ecosystem Services in European Mountain Ranges under Climate Change