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Aims and scope

Multimedia Systems publishes original research on multimedia and multimedia systems, including theories, methods, tools, technologies, applications, and so on. It also accepts surveys, perspective articles and brave-new-idea articles.

Coverage in Multimedia Systems includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

Multimedia systems

  • Operating systems, real-time systems, distributed systems and cyber-physical systems
  • Middleware communities
  • Transport and delivery
  • I/O architectures and I/O devices
  • Data systems management and indexing
  • Multimedia scalability and management
  • Multimedia software and systems integration

Multimedia communications

  • Real-time protocols
  • Fog/edge/cloud computing
  • Multimedia streaming, interchange and transmission
  • Multimedia Internet of Things
  • Multicast and group communication

Multimedia processing

  • Multimedia compression, coding and editing
  • Multimedia storage
  • Multi-sensory experiences
  • Multimedia security, privacy and rights management

Multimedia analysis

  • Multimodal fusion and embedding
  • Multimedia representation, retrieval, classification and description
  • Multimedia search and recommendations
  • Media interpretation, summarization, and understanding
  • Social media computing
  • Emotional multimedia analysis

Multimedia applications

  • Healthcare and medicine on multimedia
  • Interactions and quality of experiences
  • Art and culture
  • Multimedia user interfaces
  • Multimedia-based education
  • New integrated media