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Aims and scope

Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment (AJAE) is a multidisciplinary forum for the publication of original research relevant to the nature, distribution, control technology, and ecological effects of all types and forms of chemical and biological constituents as well as physical phenomena in the atmosphere and between the atmosphere and other environmental spheres. Subjects also include findings from reexamination and interpretation of existing data and critical reviews of important issues. Preferred articles are of potential significance to atmospheric science and engineering, with practical scope and applicability in the areas of atmospheric science and engineering. Authors are encouraged to provide new theoretical concepts supported by new experimental details. Contribution from all around the world is heartily welcome and AJAE has also a great interest in the communication between researchers in Asian and the Pacific countries.

All articles published by Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment follows Continuous Article Publishing (CAP), so there will be no delay in publication upon acceptance.

The works published in journal are supported by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies Grant funded by the Korean Government (Ministry of Education).