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Human-Centric Intelligent Systems - 2023 Best Reviewer Award

Human-Centric Intelligent Systems is pleased to introduce the Best Reviewer Award: A new annual award to be presented by the journal starting in Winter 2022, to recognize and reward the reviewer that makes outstanding contributions to improving the quality of the articles in Human-Centric Intelligent Systems.

The selection of the Best Reviewer Award is mainly based on the following aspects: 1) number of reviews per reviewer; 2) average time response to an invitation; 3) average time to complete a review report; 4) whether the reviewer provides detailed review opinions to authors and Handling Editor; 5) whether the reviewer points out advantages and disadvantages of the paper; 6) whether the reviewer gives constructive revision suggestions to the author.

In recognition of the massive contribution to the academic excellence of journal, the recipients of the best reviewer award will receive a Certificate of Best Reviewer Award and a bonus of $300.

The winners of the Best Reviewer Award in 2023 are Prof. Adel ALTI and Prof. Kanishk Barhanpurkar.

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Prof. Adel ALTI

Thank you for this honor. Being recognized as Best Reviewer Award in 2023.  This recognition is not for me alone but for all who have worked tirelessly to outstand support our scientific researches. I sincerely thank the editor and all members of Human-Centric Intelligent Systems journal for this honor.  I accept this with a promise to continue leading with serious and good support to Human-Centric Intelligent Systems journal.

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Prof. Kanishk_Barhanpurkar

I am deeply humbled and grateful to accept the title of Best Reviewer for the HCIN journal in 2023. This recognition is a testament to the collective effort and expertise within our scholarly community. I extend my heartfelt thanks to the editorial board for their trust and guidance. My fellow reviewers' insights have been invaluable in shaping my contributions. As I embrace this honor, I am reminded of our shared responsibility to uphold academic integrity. I am committed to continuing this journey with dedication and humility, mindful of the privilege it is to contribute to our field's advancement. Thank you for this incredible honor. Let us continue fostering collaboration and excellence in our scholarly pursuits.

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