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Aims and scope

Biochar is a professional academic journal covering multidisciplinary subjects such as agronomy, environmental science, and materials science. It publishes innovative articles in the fields of preparation and processing of biochar and its multifunctional applications including bioenergy production, biochar-based materials for environmental applications, soil improvement, climate change, contaminated-environment remediation, water purification, new analytical techniques, life cycle assessment, and importantly, rural and regional development, etc. The article types published by Biochar including review, original research, rapid report, commentary and perspective. The journal aims to report important research achievements, key critical reviews that promote our mechanistic understanding of the science, and promote academic exchange and scientific and technological development.

Biochar publishes articles related with biochar that focus on, but are not limited to:

  • processing and preparation of biochar
  • biochar-based materials for environmental applications
  • soil and farming
  • remediation and conservation
  • global climate change
  • bioenergy and rural development