Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

ISSN: 0718-9508 (Print) 0718-9516 (Online)


Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition is a peer reviewed journal that publishes original research findings in all areas related to soil science, plant nutrition, agriculture and environmental science. For publication it accepts original research articles, technical notes, short communication and reviews (both voluntary and by invitation), on all aspects indicated by the Journal title. Contributions to soil science cover physics, chemistry, biology, microbiology, mineralogy, ecology, pedology, classification and amelioration. Contributions related to plant nutrition and agriculture include plant production, physiology and metabolism of plants, plant ecology, diversity and sustainability of agricultural systems, organic and inorganic fertilization in relation to their impact on yields, quality of plants and ecological systems and agroecosystems studies. Contributions related to soil degradation, environmental pollution and nature conservation and environmental protection are also included in the scope of the Journal. 

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