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An International Journal of Plant Research and Biotechnology

Publishing model:

Aims and scope

Changing global scenario is posing threat to the mankind particularly because of loss of natural biodiversity, drastic climate change, progressive sterilization, continued loss of forest ecosystem and

depleting natural water resources. Our next generation will be under great environmental, ecological, water and food stress if adequate measures are not taken by the scientific community and the political world. Sustainability in the maintenance of all natural resources including water, air, fruit and food crops, soil health are the major issues which shall be addressed through the Society for Plant Research and sufficient awareness shall be created through its official publication VEGETOS. Sustainable approach involving biodiversity, biotechnological practices, conservation technologies, rejuvenation of water resources through remediation and water harvesting can be helpful in shaping the future of this planet and will secure the health and longevity of our next generation.

The Journal VEGETOS will cover all disciplines of Plant Sciences and Plant Biotechnology related to the

welfare of mankind, climate, progressive agriculture, multiplication and conservation of medicinal plants, diverse aspects of environment and diversity on the planet earth. The journal will welcome review article on the issues of larger interest from the experts in related fields like nano medicines from medicinal plants, algae for food and food supplement etc.

Biotechnology for agriculture and human health: As frontier science, Biotechnology is instrumental in making the crops disease free by gene manipulation thus preventing the excessive use of biocides and saving environment. Conservation of endangered plant species, multiplication of medicinally important crops, timber yielding crops, vegetables and other food crops are the major thrust areas of biotechnological applications. VEGETOS will disseminate important researches in these areas.

Sustainable Agriculture: PGPR, Bioinoculants, Algal Biofertilizer, Biocontrol agents, Mycorrhiza, Soil and aquatic Fungi, Organic Farming

Biodegradation and Phytoremediation: Biodegradation of food waste, kitchen waste and pollutants using microbial strains,. Bioremediation of Contaminated Sites and Ecosystems, Heavy Metal Contamination and its Remediation using inselberg plants like mosses and bryophytes.

Physiology improvement against environmental stress: Various stresses like Drought, Salt, Water and Biocides are major threats to the agriculture. Genetic manipulation and development of transgenic is the possible solution to it besides enrichment of soil health. Journal will address valuable researches on these topics including stress management through microfl ora.

Plant-microbe Interactions: Mycorrhizal association, Rhizosphere, Phytopathology, Prophylaxis, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Plant Microbiome etc.

Organic Farming: Emphasis on pesticide free cultivation of food and vegetable crops come under organic farming which provide quality products to the masses.

Environmental Microbiology: Green energy or algae Biofuels, Microbes in waste decomposition, heavy metal eradication using microbes and micro-vegetation, combating Global warming, E-waste, agriculture waste, kitchen waste, biomedical waste and sub-soil water pollution management.