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Aims and scope

Quantum Machine Intelligence publishes original articles on cutting edge experimental and theoretical research in all areas of quantum artificial intelligence. The journal is unique in promoting the synthesis of research in machine learning, automated reasoning, and problem solving with developments in quantum computing from a dual perspective. On the one hand, the journal promotes the use of quantum computing for the design of more efficient artificial intelligence algorithms and their application to real-world problems. On the other hand, the journal boosts the use of classical theories and methods of artificial intelligence in the design of innovative approaches to the problems that affect the development of the current generation of quantum computers and technologies. Therefore, Quantum Machine Intelligence examines all facets of the integration between quantum computing and artificial intelligence, serving as the primary scientific forum in the innovative research field of quantum artificial intelligence.

Research areas covered in the journal include, but not limited to:

  • Quantum Machine Learning
  • Quantum Computational Intelligence
  • Quantum Neural Networks
  • Quantum Data Preprocessing
  • Quantum Reinforcement Learning
  • Quantum Clustering 
  • Quantum AI Generative Models
  • Quantum Intelligent Agents
  • Quantum Optimization
  • Quantum Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Quantum Problem Solving
  • Quantum Reasoning and Decision-Making
  • Quantum Inference Engines
  • Quantum Robotics and Control Systems
  • Quantum Natural Language Processing
  • Quantum Image and Signal Processing 
  • Quantum Annealing for AI
  • Quantum Computing and HPC for AI 
  • Software for Quantum AI
  • Applications of Quantum AI
  • AI for Quantum Compilers
  • AI for Quantum Error Correction and Mitigation
  • AI for Quantum Gate Synthesis 
  • AI for Quantum Algorithms and Circuits Optimization
  • AI for Quantum Algorithms and Circuits Design 
  • AI for Quantum Circuit Mapping
  • AI for Quantum Hardware Design
  • AI for Quantum Resource Allocation

The papers submitted to Quantum Machine Intelligence will be peer-reviewed by independent and anonymous referees. Quantum Machine Intelligence supports scientific research in the hybrid area of quantum artificial intelligence by offering and publishing a variety of manuscript options: Research Articles, Review Articles, Short Communications, Comments, and Reply.