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Aims and scope

Postdigital Science and Education explores education and research in and for the postdigital age. Working at the intersections of technology, sociology, history, politics, philosophy, arts, media studies, critical pedagogy, and science-fiction, the journal welcomes contributions from wide range of disciplines and inter-, trans- and anti- disciplinary research methodologies. In an era where digital technology and media is increasingly integrated and incorporated into our social and educational lives, Postdigital Science and Education is particularly interested in the nature of postdigital being and knowledge, postdigital (human) rights, postdigital forms of collaboration, co-creation of social goods, collective intelligence, postdigital labour, postdigital teaching and learning, and postdigital well-being and solidarity. The journal is equally focused to theory and practice, material and non-material aspects of the postdigital age, and accepts various (post)-humanist and (post)-anthropocentric perspectives.