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Aims and scope

International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health welcomes Original Articles, Review Articles, Commentaries, and Letters to the Editor, that focus on exposures or health outcomes associated with the occupational or ambient environment. The journal publishes high-quality papers exploring the full range of environmental and occupational factors and health outcomes, papers utilizing novel and traditional methods for investigating associations between risk factors in occupational and environmental settings and health outcomes, and papers that provide a comprehensive assessment of evidence appropriate for clinical or public health audiences.

The journal has a special interest in research at the interface of occupational health and clinical medicine, research from high to low-middle income countries, and research of vulnerable or underserved populations.

Specifically, the journal is interested in papers focusing on environmental or occupational populations, in the following areas:

  • Clinical and epidemiological studies investigating parameters relevant to the estimation of human health risks.
  • Human experimental studies investigating environmental and occupational health effects. Animal experiments are generally out of scope.
  • Methods for studying the topics mentioned above.
Examples of topics that fall within the scope of the journal, but are not limited to, include psychosocial, chemical and physical stressors in the work environment; irregular working hours; ergonomic risk factors in the workplace; health hazards specific to employment in informal sectors; indoor and outdoor air quality; toxicants from ambient and dietary sources; gene-environment interactions; health effects of prenatal exposures; accountability studies of policy effects; and novel methods for occupational and environmental exposure assessment.