Information Geometry

ISSN: 2511-2481 (Print) 2511-249X (Online)


This journal, as the first to be dedicated to the interdisciplinary field of information geometry:

  • Embraces the challenge of uncovering and synthesizing mathematical foundations of information science;
  • Offers a platform for intellectual engagements with overlapping interests and diverse backgrounds in mathematical science;
  • Balances both theoretical and computational approaches, with ample attention to applications;
  • Covers investigations of core concepts defining and studying invariance principles such as the Fisher–Rao metric, dual connection, divergence functions, exponential and mixture geodesics, information projections, and many more areas.

The journal engages its readership in geometrizing the science of information. It connects diverse branches of mathematical sciences that deal with probability, entropy, measurement, inference, and related concepts. Coverage includes original work and synthesis exploring the foundation and application of information geometry in both mathematical and computational aspects.

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