Journal of Cognitive Enhancement

ISSN: 2509-3290 (Print) 2509-3304 (Online)


This journal publishes articles that contribute to deeper understanding of methods of enhancing human perception, attention, memory, cognitive control and action in healthy individuals. The range of coverage extends to meditation, video games, smart drugs, food supplements, nutrition, brain stimulation, neurofeedback, physical exercise, music, cognitive training and beyond.


Cognitive enhancement research has become a hot topic as recent economic problems of the welfare system, in both Eastern and Western societies, have raised interest in “enhancing” procedures and activities that will make welfare more affordable. Moreover, the ideological turn towards individualism in many societies inspires public interest in procedures and activities that help express and further develop individual needs and interests.


In its interdisciplinary approach, the journal contributes to a higher understanding of research aimed at enhancing human performance and creative potential.

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