Human Factors and Mechanical Engineering for Defense and Safety

ISSN: 2509-8004 (Print) 2367-2544 (Online)


This journal focuses on topics in mechanical engineering which relate to human factors within defense and military applications. Coverage extends to biomechanics, material processing and science, safety standards, behind-armour body trauma (BABT), blast, human trauma, impact engineering, testing of protective devices, numerical simulations, mechanical structural damage, ballistic impact, protection technologies, chemical engineering for innovative materials, textile engineering, military ergonomics, usability, vehicle engineering, defense standards, protection of soldiers’ equipment and more. Benefiting a readership of scientists, technology designers and practitioners in defense industries, the journal offers a platform for research work illustrating new principles, methods and applications, as well as novel modeling and experiments, and new methods for understanding mechanical phenomena that occur in the military context.

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