International Politics Reviews

ISSN: 2050-2982 (Print) 2050-2990 (Online)


This journal examines important issues and trends in international politics: theory, world order and current debates. The journal helps to illuminate major controversies and presents new perspectives and insights, helping researchers and professionals to shape the field for the future.

International Politics Reviews publishes in-depth review articles and commentary in international studies and international relations. It was founded to complement the journal International Politics. The contents are contributed by widely respected academics and researchers, and crafted to benefit a broad readership of students, scholars and professionals working in international studies, international relations, politics and elsewhere in the broad field of the social sciences.

Coverage ranges widely across the landscape of international affairs, including such topics as evolutionary biology and international relations, reassessment of the Vietnam War, and the complex web of issues involved in dealing with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Intended for a readership comprised of academics and policymakers working in the field, International Politics Reviews is benefits readers and educators working in international relations, and across the spectrum of disciplines in the social sciences.

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