Health Systems

ISSN: 2047-6965 (Print) 2047-6973 (Online)


Health Systems' underpinning philosophy is that health and healthcare systems are characterized by complexity and interconnectedness, where "everything affects everything else". Thus, problems in healthcare need to be viewed holistically as an integrated system of multiple components (people, organizations, technology and resources) and perspectives. The journal sees the systems approach to be widely applicable to all areas of health and healthcare delivery, including public health, hospitals, primary care, telemedicine, disparities, and community health.

The principal aim of Health Systems is to bring together critical disciplines that have proved themselves already in health, and to leverage these contributions by providing a forum that brings together diverse viewpoints and research approaches (qualitative, quantitative, and conceptual). The journal welcomes innovative interdisciplinary work, as well as submissions from a wide range of disciplines and sub-disciplines including (but not limited to) operations research, information systems, design science, nursing, health informatics, industrial and systems engineering, human computer interaction, management science, organizational behavior, communications, public health and epidemiology.

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