Asian Business & Management

ISSN: 1472-4782 (Print) 1476-9328 (Online)


Asian Business & Management (ABM) is an academic management and business journal with a focus on Asia. The journal covers topics in the areas of corporate governance, human resource management, marketing, organizational behavior, organization theory, strategy, technology management, and related areas. ABM addresses a fundamental business question:

What are the drivers of successful Asian business and management? ABM distinguishes itself from general business and management journals as it focuses on the Asian context. The focus on Asia is an important and appealing feature of ABM. ABM is open to different methodological approaches, including quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods, and conceptual work, contributing to an enhanced understanding of Asian business and management.

Asian Business & Management is published in association with the Euro-Asia Management Studies Association; Association of Japanese Business Studies; Japan Academy of Labor and Management; and the Japan Academy of Business Administration.

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