URBAN DESIGN International

ISSN: 1357-5317 (Print) 1468-4519 (Online)


URBAN DESIGN International (UDI) is the first truly international network for all of those involved in the multi-disciplinary tasks of urban design and management.

In providing a direct forum for the exchange of information and a vehicle for the debate which constantly redefines the scope of urban design, the journal places a primary emphasis on bringing together practice and research. It addresses current issues and aims to make a range of materials accessible to all: from in-depth papers and reviews of projects, to book reviews, comments on previous contributions and a diary of international events. Some issues are themed by topic or geographic region.

Topics covered include:

 - urban design
 - urban development and management
 - urban ecology
 - transportation and highway design
 - heritage and local identity
 - diverse communities of interest

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