The journal of the Northeastern Political Science Association

ISSN: 0032-3497 (Print) 1744-1684 (Online)


Macmillan and it is therefore no longer accepting submissions. The online archive content is available to read at https://link.springer.com/journal/41279.

This journal is dedicated to publishing work which embodies the broadest of approaches to the study of politics. Resisting the trend toward specialization, the editors choose to publish work which stimulates readers and scholars to ask new questions, and to reexamine conventional, received assumptions.

Since its founding in 1968, Polity has been committed to the proposition that scholarly communication which spans disciplinary boundaries is vital to advancing political knowledge. This commitment has earned it wide renown - Polity is one of the best-known journals in political science. Among many other topics, the journal publishes articles examining and re-examining the work of a wide range of political thinkers, from Mark Twain to Machiavelli; from John Locke to David Hume and from John Stuart Mill to Thomas Paine and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Articles published here range far and wide in subject and point of view, including an appraisal of the Massachusetts Bay Puritans and the concept of representation; an analysis of gender and sexuality politics as represented in the James Bond films; an examination of the Madisonian underpinnings of legitimate government, and the pragmatist ethics of Jane Addams.

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