Knowledge Management Research & Practice

ISSN: 1477-8238 (Print) 1477-8246 (Online)


This journal is designed as an outlet for high-quality, peer-reviewed articles exploring all aspects of managing knowledge. This includes theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge management, and especially the relationship between theory and practice.

An official journal of the Operational Research Society, Knowledge Management Research and Practice is a vehicle for high-quality, peer-reviewed articles addressing all aspects of managing knowledge, from the individual to the organizational levels, from the profession to the nation.

Knowledge Management Research and Practice offers articles that embody a multidisciplinary approach and conceptual integration greater than those found in other publications. This cross-disciplinary focus helps the journal address other important tensions in the field of knowledge management, such as those between strategy and operations, people and technology, and short- versus long-term needs.

The contents feature empirical research papers, theoretical papers, conceptual papers, case studies and surveys.

The range of coverage is broad, from organizing for sustained innovation to discussion of know-how transfer mechanisms in franchise networks, to business model innovation from the perspective of intellectual capital, to the functions of human capital, renewal capital and entrepreneurial capital in high- and low-tech companies.

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