Journal of Financial Services Marketing

ISSN: 1363-0539 (Print) 1479-1846 (Online)


This journal publishes authoritative case studies from marketers worldwide; academic research that offers implications for practice; reviews and briefings by expert practitioners and academics; analyses of major changes in legislation; book reviews; and more.

With a history of more than 20 years of leadership in the field, the Journal of Financial Services Marketing covers every aspect of the contemporary industry, from a study of the impact of size, color, and design of banner advertisements in generating clicks to detailed discussion of customer relationship management.

In the expanding world of banking services, the journal covers the latest trends in marketing pension plans, insurance, saving schemes, investment finance, personal finance, mortgages and credit and debit cards. Discussion extends to such topics as loyalty plans, brand management, cross-selling products and services, customer profiling, targeting, product positioning, consumer finance, pooled investment funds and more.

Advanced topics addressed in the journal include the potential for Twitter to add value in retail bank relationships, consumer decision-making models and development of new models for financial services, innovators and early adopters of mobile banking, and how these customers differ from other online users, the information search processes of socially responsible investors, and challenges and opportunities in Islamic finance.

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