Place Branding and Public Diplomacy

ISSN: 1751-8040 (Print) 1751-8059 (Online)


The primary objective of Place Branding and Public Diplomacy is to broaden the understanding of the nature, purposes and benefits of both place branding and public diplomacy and to demonstrate how place branding and public diplomacy strategies are implemented in practice.

Place branding is the practice of applying brand strategy and other techniques and disciplines - some deriving from commercial practice, others newly developed - to the economic, social, political and cultural development of cities, regions and countries. Public diplomacy is the process by which an international actor – often but not exclusively a country – conducts foreign policy by engaging a foreign public. 'Public diplomacy' and 'place branding' are not synonyms but their overlaps are sufficient to justify a journal which considers both activities in their own right and at their point of convergence. Both are significantly, but not exclusively, concerned with reputation management, and the ways in which countries, cities and regions manage their reputations and influence external 'audiences' - or fail to do so.

Place Branding and Public Diplomacy provides a comprehensive, coherent forum to advance this fast-growing field, bringing together discussions from across a range of disciplines: from political philosophy to public relations, by way of destination marketing, economics, social and cultural policy, international relations, public affairs, brand strategy, tourism promotion, inward investment promotion and export branding.

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