French Politics

ISSN: 1476-3419 (Print) 1476-3427 (Online)


French Politics (FP) is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes stand-alone articles on all aspects of contemporary French politics based on original pieces of research. The journal particularly welcomes comparative papers where France is one of the countries included in the analysis. This includes large-n comparative studies. The journal also welcomes submissions in the area of international relations where France is included the analysis. The journal also welcomes articles in the area of political theory or political philosophy where there is a French component to the analysis. The journal also publishes papers on politics in Francophone countries and regions, including Quebec.

French Politics seeks contributions from a wide variety of methodological perspectives, including institutional analysis (historical, empirical, sociological), behavioural studies (survey data and timeseries analysis), rational choice (including game theory and rational choice institutionalism), political theory, political sociology and post-modern approaches (cultural theory). The journal particularly encourages submissions that seek to incorporate the French case into more broad comparative and cross-national analyses, and that use the French case in theory-testing and theory building.

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