Marine Systems & Ocean Technology

ISSN: 1679-396X (Print) 2199-4749 (Online)


This journal covers the multidisciplinary technologies at the front line of marine systems and ocean technology, offering fresh contributions not only from the naval architecture and ocean engineering fields, but also from such contributing areas as civil, mechanical, electrical, material, petroleum, coastal and oceanographic engineering, applied oceanography and meteorology and applied mathematics.

The journal offers a forum for discussion of topics such as Hydrodynamic and structural analysis of fixed and floating marine systems; Underwater technology including submarines, robotics, diving systems, cables, pipelines and risers; Computational methods in naval architecture, coastal engineering and related areas; Environmental studies associated with oil spills and leakage prevention and control, marine systems safety and risk analysis;

Ocean and river transportation economics, marine engineering and environmental protection, offshore logistics and more. Official Journal of Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia Naval.

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