Technology and Economics of Smart Grids and Sustainable Energy

ISSN: 2199-4706 (Online)


The aim of this journal is to identify challenges and solutions for the energy grids and markets of the future. Smart grids are perceived as a key building block for a sustainable energy future with less emissions and better quality of service.  It is becoming obvious that smart energy is an issue of technology developments but at the same time more than that since all the technologies have to be embedded in a network.  Underlying the physical network there is a network of stakeholders including multiple consumers, producers and grid operators. Regulation also plays an important role as it shapes the relations between the aforementioned actors. Successful smart grid applications will adapt to the local grid and its characteristics, e.g., density of population and consumption, but they will also adapt to and adjust the local institutional settings.

The journal welcomes contributions on the advances in technologies and algorithms as well as investigations on the economic and regulatory aspects. Also rigorously evaluated case studies helping to highlight the key challenges at hand are welcomed.

The area of smart grids is developing new problems and new solutions are emerging. This journal focuses on unique research and developments in smart grids. The focus will make it easy for researchers to source the latest research in smart grids. The coverage embraces but not limited to:

Operation and planning aspects of smart grids
Applications of game theory in smart grids
Decision making under uncertainties in smart grids
Optimization techniques for smart grids
Renewable energy integration
Demand side management and demand response
Pricing and markets for electrical energy
Cyber Security

Smart grid is an integration of many technologies, chief among them are: power system devices, power transmission and distribution, control, computing, and communications. Due to the vital importance of energy in the society, each of the many technology areas that contribute to smart grids is involved in smart grid research. Hundreds of smart grid companies and smart grid research centres at universities are generating research results at a great pace and there are not enough venues to publish this quality research.

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