Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2018

ISSN: 2198-6061 (Online)

In this issue (11 articles)

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    Climate Change and Conflicts (E Gilmore and E Tennant, Section Editors)

    Topical Collection

    Taking Stock: the Field of Climate and Security

    Joshua Busby Pages 338-346
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    Climate Change and Atmospheric Circulation (R Chadwick, Section Editor)

    Topical Collection

    The Response of Subtropical Highs to Climate Change

    Annalisa Cherchi, Tercio Ambrizzi, Swadhin Behera Pages 371-382
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    Climate Change and Drought (Q Fu, Section Editor)

    Topical Collection

    Drought and Fire in the Western USA: Is Climate Attribution Enough?

    Jeremy S. Littell Pages 396-406
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    Corals and Climate Change (C Langdon, Section Editor)

    Topical Collection

    Exceptional Thermal Tolerance of Coral Reefs in American Samoa: a Review

    Victoria Barker Pages 417-427