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Behavior Analysis in Practice - Call for Guest Associate Editors and Guest Reviewers

In an effort to increase inclusivity and diversity in the review process, the Editor and Associate Editors of Behavior Analysis in Practice invite individuals who wish to serve in the role of Guest Associate Editor and Guest Reviewer to please self-nominate here:  Individuals should be prepared to list their name, credentials, affiliation, and areas of expertise.  Individuals will also be asked to upload their vitae to document their areas of expertise.  The Editor and Associate Editors will draw from this list when selecting guest participation in the review process.  We encourage you to self-nominate if you would like to gain experience in the review process.

Guest Associate Editors are expected to be individuals who have served as reviewers for manuscripts in the past and who have significant experience with the review process through their own submissions and in serving on review teams for other papers.  In addition, Guest Associate Editors will have sometimes published in Behavior Analysis in Practice and, therefore, are aware of its mission and processes.  Guest Associate Editors will be charged with sending papers out to reviewers to solicit reviews; read and critically analyze the paper both independently and in conjunction with the reviews; write a cogent and thorough synthesis of the reviews in a critical yet supportive fashion; and render an editorial recommendation.

Guest Reviewers are expected to be individuals who have experience with the publication process as an author or co-author in one or more journals, which may or may not include Behavior Analysis in Practice.  Guest reviewers will be asked to read an assigned paper and write a cogent and thorough critique of the manuscript, summarizing the strengths and limitations of the paper in a critical yet supportive fashion.  Timely reviews should be submitted to the Associate Editor or Guest Associate Editor for consideration in the review process.

Selection as a Guest Associate Editor or Guest Reviewer is not guaranteed as a function of self-nomination.  However, when possible, efforts will be made to provide opportunities for participation for individuals who have expertise in the appropriate areas.  We seek to have diverse pools of reviewers for the wide variety of papers we receive and encourage interested parties to make their interest in participation known.