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Behavior Analysis in Practice - Peer Review Process for Special Issues

Behavior Analysis in Practice welcomes special issues/special sections. The Editor-in-Chief may appoint Guest Editors for a certain topic, or potential Guest Editors may propose special issue topics to the Editor-in-Chief.

All special issue proposals must include the name and details of the guest editors, a detailed explanation of the topic, proposed schedule, and names/details of proposed guest associate editors.  The proposal is peer-reviewed by the Associate Editors, who provide feedback and a recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief.   Editor-in-Chief has discretion to accept or reject a special issue proposal.

The Guest Editor(s) and Guest Associate Editors will oversee the peer review process for each submission to the special issue. The peer review process for special issue submissions and non-special issue submissions are identical. A minimum of two expert peer reviewers will assess each submission, and reviews will be double-anonymized. .