Journal of ASIALEX

ISSN: 2197-4292 (Print) 2197-4306 (Online)


Lexicography: Journal of ASIALEX joins the time-honored tradition of dictionary compilation in Asia, discussing a great many topics and tackling many problems. The region is home to 2,304 of the world’s 7,105 living languages, and to great numbers of dictionary users, both native- and foreign-language.

Emphasizing Asian perspectives and concerns, Lexicography is a leading-edge forum and powerhouse for all global issues of lexicographic interest. Coverage includes lexicography and dictionary issues including history, typology, use, criticism, structure, IT, components, compilation, application, media, phraseology, corpus linguistics, translation, education and more.

Lexicography is published in collaboration with The Asian Association for Lexicography.

ASIALEX was established in 1997 at the Dictionaries in Asia Conference, holding biennial conferences since. Its principal aim is to foster scholarly and professional activities in the fields of lexicography and dictionaries in and for Asia.

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