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Aims and scope

SeMA Journal publishes papers reporting high-level achievements across the field of applied mathematics. Topics include ordinary, partial and stochastic differential equations; deterministic and stochastic dynamical systems; control theory, optimization and inverse problems; numerical analysis and simulation; scientific computing; approximation theory; numerical linear algebra; data assimilation and uncertainty quantification; applications of mathematics in sciences, engineering, economics and finance.

Mathematical methods that contribute to the analysis of mathematical models, or the algorithms for solving them, computational results that clearly illustrate algorithm behavior and applicability, numerical methods and techniques in scientific computing, as well as innovative analytical techniques to treat problems in different fields of science are well suited for the journal. Novel applications of mathematics in real world problems coming from other disciplines are especially welcome. Also review articles including the state of the art in specific applied areas of mathematics are also welcome.

In general, only original papers are considered for publication. However, scientific achievements already published or accepted for publication in preliminary or short form in conference proceedings may be submitted in a revised form suitable for journal publication.

SEMA Journal is sponsored by the Spanish Society for Applied Mathematics.