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Aims and scope

In Silico Pharmacology provides a forum for research articles at the cross-roads of computation, pharmacology, toxicology and pharmaceutics, and is relevant to all areas of basic science and therapeutics. Within this context, neuroscience, drug discovery and development are areas of special interest to the journal, as are state-of-the-art multiscale modelling, informatics, artificial intelligence, and big data. It is anticipated that all computational and experimental approaches are represented within In Silico Pharmacology. Papers without experimental validation must have strong computational content.

Primarily, the journal publishes interdisciplinary papers that address computational approaches in drug-design and multi-scale analysis of bioactive substances from the cellular up to behavioural level. In Silico Pharmacology especially encourages deterministic and stochastic modelling of biological (e.g., biochemical, biophysical and immunological) processes leading to therapeutic advancements, as well as mathematical methods characterizing the pharmacology of substances within the living organism. Papers investigating substance- or material-induced morphological and genetic alterations are also welcome.