Current Surgery Reports

ISSN: 2167-4817 (Online)


Current Surgery Reports provides in-depth review articles contributed by international experts on the most significant developments in the field. By presenting clear, insightful, balanced reviews that emphasize recently published papers of major importance, the journal intends to serve those for whom the elucidation of novel surgical techniques and related technologies is essential.

International authorities from across the discipline serve as Section Editors, choosing key topics for which leading experts contribute comprehensive review articles that emphasize new developments and recently published papers of major importance, highlighted by annotated reference lists.

Coverage includes such topics as minimally invasive endocrine surgery, transplantation, endovascular treatment of complex vasculopathies, minimally invasive pancreatic surgery, bariatric surgery, pelvic floor disorders, CT screening for lung cancer, and natural orific surgery.

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Latest Articles

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    Robotic Surgery (E. Berber, Section Editor)

    Topical Collection Robotic Surgery

    Transoral Robotic Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome: 9 Years of Experience

    Claudio Vicini, Filippo Montevecchi, Sandeep Dachuri (May 2017)

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    Breast Cancer Surgery (J. Tchou, Section Editor)

    Topical Collection Breast Cancer Surgery

    Fat Grafting: Its Role in Breast Reconstruction

    Shagun Aggarwal, Shivani Aggarwala (May 2017)

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    Solid Organ Transplantation (C.Sonnenday and P. Vagefi, Section Editors)

    Topical Collection Solid Organ Transplantation

    Pediatric Small Bowel Transplantation

    Eliza Lee, Heung Bae Kim (April 2017)