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The Visual Computer

International Journal of Computer Graphics

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The Visual Computer - Top 10 Downloaded Articles 2023

We want to thank the authors of our most-downloaded articles in 2023, and highlight to our readers some of the most impactful research to have been published in the journal. We hope that you will find the articles interesting.

Segmentation and classification on chest radiography: a systematic survey, by Tarun Agrawal, Prakash Choudhary

Learning the shape of female breasts: an open-access 3D statistical shape model of the female breast built from 110 breast scans, by Maximilian Weiherer et al.

A multimodal transformer to fuse images and metadata for skin disease classification, by Gan Cai, Yu Zhu, Yue Wu, Xiaoben Jiang, Jiongyao Ye, Dawei Yang

A systematic review on application of deep learning in digestive system image processing, Huangming Zhuang, Jixiang Zhang, Fei Liao

Fingerprint-based robust medical image watermarking in hybrid transform, by S. Prasanth Vaidya

Histogram equalization using a selective filter, by Roberto M. Dyke, Kai Hormann

Motion-compensated online object tracking for activity detection and crowd behavior analysis, by Ashish Singh Patel, Ranjana Vyas, O. P. Vyas, Muneendra Ojha, Vivek Tiwari

Local attention and long-distance interaction of rPPG for deepfake detection, by Jiahui Wu, Yu Zhu, Xiaoben Jiang, Yatong Liu, Jiajun Lin

A detailed analysis of image and video forgery detection techniques, by Shobhit Tyagi, Divakar Yadav

MFFN: image super-resolution via multi-level features fusion network, by Yuantao Chen, Runlong Xia, Kai Yang, Ke Zou