Journal of Comparative Physiology A

Neuroethology, Sensory, Neural, and Behavioral Physiology

ISSN: 0340-7594 (Print) 1432-1351 (Online)


The Journal of Comparative Physiology A presents original articles and short reviews that add to understanding of mechanisms of physiology, at the organismic, cellular or molecular levels of organization. Topics include Neurobiology, Neuroethology, Sensory physiology, Sensory ecology, Physiological basis of behavior, Hormonal control of behavior, Communication, Orientation, Locomotion, Functional neuroanatomy and more.

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Latest Articles

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    Acknowledgement to Referees

    Referees 2017

    (December 2017)

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    Original Paper

    Neural coding of sound envelope structure in songbirds

    Santiago Boari, Ana Amador (December 2017)

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    Original Paper

    Size discrimination in barn owls as compared to humans

    Torsten Stemmler, Petra Nikolay, Aline Nüttgens (December 2017)