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Mammalian Genome

Precision and Functional Genomics

Publishing model:

Mammalian Genome - Special Issue: Mammalian Genetic Resources

The emergence and awareness of mammalian genetic resources, from archives to data, is an important aspect of Mammalian Genome’s mission to publish outstanding science in mammalian genetics which impacts upon Precision and Functional Genomics.

Annually updated Special Issues will serve as a favoured source of information for researchers in genetics and genomics.

This issue includes review articles and commentaries on new developments along three major themes:

Data and data resources—including updates on major data resources and novel analyses of existing datasets
Guidelines, protocol standards and nomenclature
Genetic resources—encompassing reports from archives, to large-scale functional genomics programmes, to tissue banks

In this year’s issue, we are publishing a total of 23 articles, including one research contribution that bears upon the future of mouse genetic tools.

Guest Editors:

Sara Wells
Ann-Marie Mallon
Lydia Teboul
Christopher Tuggle
Lawrence Schook

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