Volume 10, Issue 11, October 2000

ISSN: 0938-7994 (Print) 1432-1084 (Online)

In this issue (34 articles)

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    Abdominal Radiology Case report

    Bouveret's syndrome: CT findings

    D. Tüney, Ç. Çimşit Pages 1711-1712
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    Urogenital radiology Review article

    Acquired cystic kidney disease

    P. L. Choyke Pages 1716-1721
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    Urogenital radiology Case report

    Imaging of a supernumerary kidney

    A. P. Koureas, E. C. Panourgias, A. D. Gouliamos, S. J. Trakadas Pages 1722-1723
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    Cardiovascular radiology Technical note

    Dedicated phased-array coil for peripheral MRA

    R. Janka, F. Fellner, C. Fellner, M. Requardt, A. Reykowski, W. Lang Pages 1745-1749
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    Interventional radiology Review article

    Intravascular ultrasound in interventional radiology

    H. I. Manninen, H. Räsänen Pages 1754-1762
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