Volume 38, Issue 4, December 2016

ISSN: 0343-6993 (Print) 1866-7414 (Online)

In this issue (20 articles)

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    Chemical π

    John Conway Pages 7-10
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    Mathematical Gems and Curiosities

    Hopf Fibrations and Hurwitz-Radon Numbers

    Valentin Ovsienko, Serge Tabachnikov Pages 11-18
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    Mathematical Communities

    The Guy with the Golden Touch:

    Muhammad A. Khan Pages 19-22
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    Mathematically Bent

    The Math Museum

    Colin Adams Pages 23-27
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    The Mathematical Tourist

    Drifting Runway Numbers

    Dirk Huylebrouck Pages 52-55
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    Cucina Matematica

    Knowing and Seeking

    Jim Henle Pages 62-64
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    Mary W. Gray Pages 70-77