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European Biophysics Journal

with Biophysics Letters

Publishing model:

Journal updates

  • European Biophysics Journal Prize

    To recognise the quality and range of papers published in EBJ we have instigated the European Biophysics Journal Prize to be awarded at each EBSA Congress to up to two recent research papers.

  • Why publish in European Biophysics Journal?

    • EBJ is a well-established journal run by scientists for scientists. First published in 1974, EBJ has almost 50 years of experience in biophysics. Also, all the editors are active researchers working in a broad range of biophysical areas.
    • Publish all your biophysical work. EBJ’s primary goal is to advance the understanding of all areas of biophysics, whether that advance is fundamental or more incremental.
      • Regular Articles publish solid, original advances.
      • Biophysics Letters offer accelerated publication for significant advances.
      • Methodology Articles provide wide exposure for new techniques, both experimental and theory/simulation.
      • Reviews present a critical overview of the past, present, and future of an area in biophysics.
    • Free publication (no page charges) with an Open Access option.
    • EBJ is a journal for all scientists who attempt to understand biology from a physics perspective, whether using experiments or theory/simulation or whether studying the molecular scale or entire systems.
  • The European Biophysical Societies' Association

    The European Biophysical Societies' Association (EBSA) was formed in 1984 as a non-profit-making organisation. Its objectives are to advance and disseminate knowledge of the principles, recent developments and applications of biophysics, and to foster the exchange of scientific information among European biophysicists and biophysicists in general.