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Aims and scope

Semigroup Forum is a platform for speedy and efficient transmission of information on current research in semigroup theory.

Scope: Algebraic semigroups, topological semigroups, partially ordered semigroups, semigroups of measures and harmonic analysis on semigroups, transformation semigroups, semigroups of operators, and applications of semigroup theory to other disciplines such as ring theory, category theory, automata, logic, etc.

Language: English.

Survey Articles: Expository, of any length. May include original work, but should present the nonspecialist with a reasonably elementary and selfcontained account of the fundamental parts of the subject.

Research Articles: Will be subject to the usual refereeing procedure.

Short Notes: (Maximum 4 pages) Worthy of the readers’ attention, such as new proofs, significant generalizations of known facts, comments on unsolved problems, historical remarks, etc.

Abstracts for Reviewing Journals: Authors are invited to provide with their manuscript a one-page abstract of their contribution with key words and phrases and with subject matter classification. This material will be forwarded to zbMATH.