Biological Theory

ISSN: 1555-5542 (Print) 1555-5550 (Online)


Biological Theory is devoted to theoretical advances in the fields of evolution and cognition with an emphasis on the conceptual integration afforded by evolutionary and developmental approaches. The journal appeals to a wide audience of scientists, social scientists, and scholars from the humanities, particularly philosophers and historians of biology.

Articles are single anonymous reviewed by independent international reviewers. The Editor-in Chief makes all final decisions for all submitted papers based on these reviews.

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Latest Articles

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    Thematic Issue Article: Symbols, Signals and the Archaeological Record II

    Seeking Speaker Meaning in the Archaeological Record

    Marilynn Johnson (October 2017)

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    Thematic Issue Article: Astrobiology

    Why We Should Care About Universal Biology

    Carlos Mariscal, Leonore Fleming (October 2017)

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    The Perils and Promises of Cognitive Archaeology: An Introduction to the Thematic Issue

    Kim Sterelny, Peter Hiscock (October 2017)