Planetary Science

ISSN: 2191-2521 (Online)


Publication of this journal was discontinued as of the end of 2015. SpringerOpen maintains an archive of all articles published in Planetary Science. These are available via the SpringerOpen website, which can be accessed by clicking the red Open Access button above.

Planetary Science was a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen. It published original contributions on a wide range of subjects involving astronomy, physics, geology, chemistry, or biology, as well as systems or computer science, that are part of this inter-disciplinary field. Published studies may be observational (e.g., studies of the surfaces of planets or small bodies), theoretical (e.g., models for planetary system formation), experimental (e.g., laboratory or field methodologies and measurements of planetary analogues), and/or technical (e.g., demonstration and application of new technology or technique for planetary science) in focus. The journal also published relevant special issues and topical conference proceedings, review articles on problems of current interest to the greater planetary science community, and book reviews.

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