Volume 37, Issue 8, December 2012


ISSN: 2193-567X (Print) 2191-4281 (Online)

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    Research Article - Civil Engineering

    Control of FRP Debonding in Strengthened RC Beams

    Abdul Qadir Bhatti, Norimitsu Kishi Pages 2103-2112
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    Research Article - Civil Engineering

    GEP Modeling of Penetration Depth in Sharp Crested Weirs

    Mehmet Unsal Pages 2163-2174
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    Research Article – Computer Engineering and Computer Science

    A Novel Lightweight Authentication Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

    Tameem Eissa, Shukor Abd Razak Pages 2179-2192
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    Research Article - Electrical Engineering

    System Identification of a Cooling Coil Using Recurrent Neural Networks

    Muhammad Bilal Kadri Pages 2193-2203
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